Buying a second hand vehicle in Spain can be somewhat time-consuming, costly and complicated if the correct procedure is not carried out.

We here at VIC recommend anyone who has, or is about to purchase a Spanish registered vehicle to make the VIC (Vehicle Information Check ) as soon as they have the correct registration or chassis number.

This check is the SAFEST way to ensure that the vehicle does not have any debts or finance registered BEFORE you buy.

As well as debt and finance information the VIC will also give details regarding:
  • The ITV (MOT) pass and expiry dates
  • Current ownership details including name and address
  • Full vehicle details
  • Number of ownership changes
  • Any accidents 
  • Current status of vehicle at trafico.


If you do change the ownership of a vehicle into your name and there are debts registered- these WILL automatically be inherited by YOU - the new owner

If finance is registered then you would not be able to change the ownership until the debt was re-paid to the finance company.
Registering a vehicle in Spain